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Mark Andreas Jones


I am professional photographer based in Hampshire, Southern England.  I have worked behind the lens for over 20 years, selling work all over the world.  I am experienced in all areas of photography; landscapes, cityscapes, portraits and weddings.


My previous clients include well-known organisations such as:






The Times

The Express


In my spare time, I teach photography on a voluntary basis to children with special needs.  Photography helps the children express what they feel, providing an emotional outlet which I find thoroughly rewarding.


Wedding photographer


I feel it an honour and a privilege when someone chooses me to capture their special day.  I appreciate the significance of the task that’s been entrusted to me and take enormous pride in my work.  When you view my wedding portfolio, I hope you’ll feel the sense of love, romance and wonderment in the weddings I’ve photographed.


My goal is to shoot your wedding, your way.  I can adapt to suit all styles from theatrical and dramatic to sweet and pretty.   If your wedding has a theme, I can incorporate this into the photographs; suggest props, lighting and other ideas to make it come alive.


I cater to all budgets with tailor-made packages, and my services come at very competitive rates.  I live for the love of photography…if I didn't have bills to pay, I would shoot all day long for free.


The team at Andreas Jones are a very accommodating, friendly and happy bunch.  We all love our jobs and want to give you the memories you deserve.  If you’d like to find out more about the services we offer, don’t hesitate to call us on 01329 286881 or email.

To get in contact call:

T: 01329 286 881 M: 07787 417 271

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